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Stein's Railroad Ghost Town

Stein's Railroad Ghost Town owned by Larry and Linda Link was once a thriving railroad staion town named after Captain Enoch Stein ( Sometimes spelled Steen).  Who was the first Anglo witness to sign a treaty with the Mimbres Apaches including Delgadito and Victorio.  At the towns peak between 1905 to 1945 Stein's supported 1300 residents.    



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  • "Was taking with a friend over breakfast about my memories of our family visit and tour of Stein and had to look you up! If I were to make a trip around the USA today and visit t..."
    Randy N
    Wonderful Memories of @ 1990 Visit To Stein
  • "What a Jewel this town is!!! I could not believe what i was seeing. Lots of places say they take you back into time....well this place delivers!!!! these houses are as they were..."
    Kevin Parry
    What a Jewel !!!

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