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Welcome to the Homepage of Stein's NM Ghost Town!!

THANKS FOR VISITING US!!  WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE AT STEINS!!!!!!  LIKE GRANDPA USED TO SAY "NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN HERE ONCE, YOU ARE FAMILY!!"   Right now we are closed to the public. We are trying to make it where we can take appointments as we work on the ghost town. We have a few groups of photographers that are scheduled to help us capture and share the beauty of the ghost town with everyone. We still have a lot of landscaping, fixing and cleaning up before it's safe to open all day long for everyone.

Also, I don't live in NM anymore, and with my husband and kids we have our schedules, so I can't just do a tour like I.used to, but we are working on being able to share it with everyone again and will keep you.updated best we can!  Lol when GnG was doing tours it's all they did. So we are trying to.find a balance to be able to be open again.  

*Also, please note. I am a very busy mom of young kids and I help out other moms with childcare, so the best way of contact is messaging or texting.  I don't hear my phone, I usually don't talk because there is always kiddo noise in the background. So please be understanding, if I don't get your message or call , I do try and check them at least once a day.  We appreciate and are grateful to all of the people that love our little ghost town!!!  Thank you!!!


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  • "Was taking with a friend over breakfast about my memories of our family visit and tour of Stein and had to look you up! If I were to make a trip around the USA today and visit t..."
    Randy N
    Wonderful Memories of @ 1990 Visit To Stein
  • "What a Jewel this town is!!! I could not believe what i was seeing. Lots of places say they take you back into time....well this place delivers!!!! these houses are as they were..."
    Kevin Parry
    What a Jewel !!!